“No matter how much training you have done in the past, I guarantee that with Log Training , your body will experience a workout as capable and as powerful as you are! Each time you train, your body will discover something new and invigorating.” – Master Safakhoo



Nabard Fitness is more than a set of tools. It is a fitness system embedded within a comprehensive conceptual framework. Featuring interchangeable core exercises that are only limited by your imagination, Nabard Fitness is a system consisting of hundreds of motions designed to target specific muscle groups while delivering a cardio-intensive workout.
We are capable of a nearly limitless range of motion, any truly effective fitness regimen must be as capable as the human body. Safakhoo needed a workout that would build strength, endurance, balance, and enhance coordination. Undeterred by the limitations of conventional exercise equipment, Safakhoo set out to design instruments specifically tailored to achieve these goals. 40 years of experience and discovery through his observations as a fighter, a martial athlete, and fitness and martial arts instructor, have culminated in Master Marco Safakhoo’s novel approach to physical fitness a conditioning regimen known as Nabard Fitness.

The key elements in Nabard Fitness are the custom devices and their offset handles, specific grips, and the fluid routines. Each of these elements work together to control the angle of muscle force and create constant resistance against gravity. The constant resistance stimulates stabilizing muscles required for balancing and controlling the body’s actions and ability for managing workloads.
Nabard Fitness transforms the human body into the functional machine it was meant to be.

Omega training

Omega Training is more than a set of tools. It is a fitness system embedded within a comprehensive conceptual framework. Nabard Fitness Systems may as well be synonymous with “offset handles.” Whether it is Omega Training, Shield Training, or any of the other conditioning regimens that belong to Nabard Fitness Systems, the essential feature is the way in which offset handles are exploited to achieve maximum results. And it is this discovery, the effectiveness of offset handles, that is Master Marco Safakhoo’s innovative contribution to the fitness industry.


Omega Training Devices are more effective than traditional free weights because the off-center handles do not allow improper form. The custom handles are strategically placed to allow for safe maneuverability while preventing the body from retreating to its comfort zone. Therefore, each workout is challenging and effective.

LTD’s are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. In addition to availability in various weights and sizes, LTD’s also may be used with grip variations which make the workout more or less challenging, depending on the desired difficulty level.


Revolutionize the way you train. Omega Training is all-inclusive; everything your body needs is incorporated within the regimen. One workout to improve all physical attributes; kick up your strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio-vascular health, balance, coordination, and mind/body connection.


Train in Master Safakhoo’s Combat Strategies.

Nabard- The Persian Art of Combat, transcends typical martial arts sparring concepts. The distinct combat strategy resembles the ability of the octopus to effectively control its immediate surrounding space; hence the title “Octopus Sparring Strategies.”

The identity of Nabard is based on the five elements of combat: timing, space, strength, agility and accuracy. Mastery of these elements allows the Nabard practitioner to manipulate an opponent by interchanging various blocks, strikes, grabs, and throws. Fluid yet strong, this multifaceted style offers the ability to react and adapt at any angle and to any situation. By constantly flanking and dodging the opponent. The Nabard practitioner uses a “circumnavigational” strategy to manipulate combat.

iron body

To deal with conflict in the face of pain, the mind must be trained to guide the body with confidence and resolution. Grandmaster Safakhoo has developed a regimen to enhance and increase resistance to pain. While sparring class prepares students for real life situations, pain resistance training enhances their performance.

In the art of Nabard, body conditioning contributes to fifty percent of training time. Iron Body training involves exercise routines in which the students gain strength and stability. The benefits of the training allow the students to perform and improve their techniques.

To facilitate comprehension of his survival strategy, Master Safakhoo created a raw natural fitness regimen called Iron-Body Training. Iron-Body encompasses Master Safakhoo’s concepts of Nabard Fitness and Rock Training.  Nabard Fitness is now a patent pending workout regimen which is revolutionizing the fitness industry as the first workout designed specifically for the fitness needs of martial artists.

Iron-Body prepares Nabard practitioners to proficiently handle, combat tasks such as: Grappling, throwing, weapons handling, pain resistance and endurance. During Iron-Body participants are challenged to perform all movements in unison while silently enduring each exercise with expressionless faces. The leading instructor or ostad signals the start and stop of each movement by chanting a rhythmic guttural sound called “tabl” (Farsi-meaning drum rhythm or drum beat) intended to guide the listener into an active meditative state where it is believed mental and physical union is achieved. It is from this state that practitioners seek to discipline both mind and body to overcome pain in order to utilize proper strategies while in combat.

Safakhoo’s fitness regimen succeeds to equally strengthen: muscles, joints, and tendons, by integrating upper and lower body techniques. From either upright or reclining positions, practitioners maneuver LTDs vertically and laterally through various posterior or anterior sets. Each set can be performed at various speeds to create the desired resistance. This old-school training method exploits bio-mechanics to offer a time-tested natural body conditioning regimen appreciated by athletes of all disciplines

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